soldier with rifle american civil warSTATE OF THE UNION

A chronicle of current events that highlight the constant
political tension between Government's interest in preserving itself
and the people's interest in being free from oppression

By: Joe Ryan

The Brandon Mayfield Case
The FBI sent Brandon Mayfield's fingerprints to the Spanish police. The Spanish police compared Mayfield's prints to the latent prints taken from the bag and told the FBI that, as far as it was concerned, "there were dissimilarities in the comparison of the two prints for which there was no reasonable explanation

Ali Hamza (et al) Bahlul v. United States
Bahlul, a native of Yemen, went to Afghanistan and became a personal assistant to Ben Laden. In this capacity Bahlul produced a video glorifying those responsible for putting a large hole in the hull of the U.S. Navy destroyer, Cole

Justice Alito Is A Clear and Present Danger
It would be very unfortunate if privacy protection in the 21st century were left
primarily to the federal courts using the blunt instrument of the Fourth Amendment

District of Columbia v. Dick Heller
The Right To Bear Arms

Scalia points to the fact that in the Ninth and Fourth amendments, the term "right of the people" is used to refer, he says, to "individual rights," and, therefore, so too must the "framers" meant to use the term in the Second amendment

Why Should The Government's Vacuuming Of "Metadata" Concern You?
Metadata is information that identifies who calls or emails you, and who you email and call, what websites you visit, and how long you remain on the site

How Far Will the Government Go, in Spying On Citizens?
As Far As We, The People, Allow it.

Hayden White, a professor of history at UCLA, filed an action against Edward Davis,
Chief of Police of the City of Los Angeles.

How Far Will The Government NOT Go In Spying Upon Us
injury is not in the fact that the Government spied, but in the fact that, without its intent, a third party discovered that the Government spied and publicly reported it. This is the Orwellian World we live in, in America today.

The Case Of Nasser Al-Aulaqi Against Agents Of The United States Government
Anwar Al-Aulaqi, an American citizen living in Yemen, was added to the Government's "kill list" because of his alleged "terrorist" activities

Do You Have A First Amendment Right To Video Record Public Officials In Action?
Mocek stood in a line to pass through TSA security at the airport. In the course of this activity, Mocek began using a camcorder to video what his interaction with the TSA agents

Do You Have A Fourth Amendment Right To Sue Police
Who Arrest You For Video-taping Their Conduct?

Kelly claims Officer Rogers violated his Fourth Amendment rights by arresting him without probable cause. A police officer is not entitled to immunity if a reasonably trained officer in his situation would have known that his decision to arrest was without probable cause

Petitioner cites in detail statements of the American Medical Association, the World Medical Association, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, the UN Rapporteur on Human Rights and Counter-Terrorism condemning force-feeding

War Powers of the President and Congress
We find that powers essential to the Government's perpetuity are vested in the
executive and the Congress, to be exercised according to their discretion,
for the good of the country.. William Whiting

It's Called Protecting America
South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham tells us that he doesn't care that the National Security Agency has his telephone number

Open Your Mouth For Royal Inspection:
The DNA Swab as Standard Police Procedure

Justice Scalia rejected Kennedy's idea that the "public interest" or the need of the police to know who the arrested citizen is, with the certainty of DNA identification

The Boston Marathon Bomber: Read Him His Miranda Rights
The suspect bomber is surrounded by members of the Government's "special interrogation team."

The Explosion of Police Stopping Citizens Without Reasonable Suspicion:
The Orwellian State Upon Us

It is argued that the police should be allowed to stop a person and detain him briefly
for questioning... Chief Justice Earl Warren

The President's Brief For Killing American Citizens
The "White Paper" is dated November 8, 2011. Apparently authored by lawyers employed
with the United States Department of Justice, it was released to the public in February 2013

How Well Do The Courts Process Terrorism Crime Cases
Mohammad Amawi, Marwan El-Hindi, and Wassim Mazloum
were found guilty by a jury of conspiring to kill persons outside the United States

Stand With Rand!
The Constitution requires the use of the police power, not the military power,
to prevent the commission of crime, of which a terrorist act is one

The Government Spies On You
In 2008, your Congress gave your President "sweeping and virtually unregulated authority to monitor the international communications of law-abiding U.S. citizens and residents."

Does Congress Have The Power To Create Star Chambers
The Constitution of the United States, in Article I, section 8 states that,
"The Congress shall have power to constitute tribunals inferior to the supreme court."


Drones Over Your Home

The Government Hoists Itself On Its Own Petard
General David Petraeus, Jill Kelly and the FBI

The Insanity of Muslims
A Review of The Last Temptation of Christ

Abdullah Kidd's Ordeal at the Hands of the Government

Procedural History of Jose Padilla’s Petition for Writ of
Habeas Corpus Through the Courts, With Additional Cases

Who's Sniffing at your Door?
The Role of the United States Supreme Court

Congress Authorizes The Government To Eavesdrop
Justice Clarence Thomas at Washington & Lee University