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The Government Hoists Itself On Its Own Petard

The Government Daily Thumbs Its Nose At The Fourth Amendment

By: Joe Ryan

Socialite and Honorary General Counsel, Jill Kelly

Editor's Comment

A 37 year old "socialite," who proudly wears the badge of "Honorary Consul General of South Korea," gets an e-mail from a stranger which tells her to stop snuggling up to the brass on a local military base. She approaches an FBI agent, who had lectured her in a class, asks him to find out who sent the e-mail and the agent happily hands the request to the FBI's "cyber-unit" which immediately invests substantial man hours in tracking down the sender, a Mrs. Broadwell, by hacking into her email accounts without any judicial oversight.

Having accomplished this, the FBI then rummages around inside her email accounts until it uncovers the sinister fact that Mrs. Broadwell is exchanging private messages with the famous General who gave the country the "surge" in Afghanistan and then became the Director of the CIA. This apparently prompts the Government to rummage around in Mrs. Kelly's email accounts and those belonging to the General. The Government, this year, has demanded that Google allow it access to 6,000 email accounts affecting 16,000 citizens, all without judicial oversight. Of course, this intrusion pales against the vacuuming up of all international communications.

So who cares? It's just another example of what we can expect from our government; the government daily thumbs its nose at the Fourth Amendment and uses any means available to spy on the private life of any citizen it takes an interest in. If this is not the reality Orwell created in his book, 1984, what is?

Joe Ryan